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Hanging out with friends on Saturday, November 22nd of 2008

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  • 100 Best Colleges-UMM, from

  • "..."My favorite two places to go off-campus are Don's Café and Common Cup. You can get the best burger in town and a shake to go with it at Don's. Or you can get their amazing toast or grilled cheese. Don's is famous for their toast, and eating Don's toast is almost a rite of passage at UMM. Common Cup is a great coffee shop that often has live music and it's also got a great atmosphere to relax after class or to get some studying done." - Julie, 20, junior
    "We have wide variety of places to eat in town too everything from the all-American Don's café to Chinese, and Mexican. The local coffee shop and bars bring in music groups to perform on weeknights for everyone not just those of age...
    - LeAnn, 21, senior"

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  • "Small town family restaurant at its best! 5 Star Rating - World class
    By Laura K. | insider Insider | Rank: 14,898
    Don's Cafe has the best milkshakes in town. So many flavors to chose from, so little time. The shakes come with enough for two or if your int he mood for leftovers. They keep odd hours, no dinner times during the week, but they're open until 2 am on the weekends. Definitely a college town restaurant. Highly recommended. Great burgers too"


  • The University of Minnesota, Morris, Minnesota, USA, from
    "...What to do at The Weekend
    Recalling that Morris is a small town you might wonder what there is to do there. In truth, there is very little. There is one cinema (with just one screen), a 24-hour petrol station/grocery store, a PAMIDA3, and a few fast-food restaurants. The best place to eat is Don's Café, but it has strange hours, and seems to delight in being open only when it will have the least amount of customers possible..."

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